Actor Jack Nicholson: ‘For The First Time In History We Have A President That…’

Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson shared his opinion recently about the political situation in the US and commented President Trump’s controversial actions.
Jack Nicholson stated that he is usually not “involved in politics”, but current political events do have an effect on him which is why he felt the need to say his opinion about them.

He stated: “I simply want what’s best for our nation.”

“I admit that at first I wanted Hillary to win, but with time I understood that America made a great choice with Donald Trump.”

“I understand that people don’t like him – I really do. At first I didn’t either, but he became our President so what we need to do is stand behind him in times like this.”

“Hatred is the last thing we need nowadays, we must unite.”

“I feel that Donald Trump is doing everything he can to improve our nation, you might just want to respect him and stay patient.”

Jack Nicholson also stated that there is nothing wrong if you give someone a chance.

”I don’t know. I think that people need to stay patient for a while and see what happens. People are too nervous these days. There is no need for that.”

“Let’s give him a chance. So far he’s doing ok and I really believe that for the first time in history we have a President that can change this country for the better.”


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